“Today is a relevant and noteworthy occasion as we recognize the men and women who for years wholeheartedly gave their time, light, abilities, and loyalty that is worthy of emulation and appreciation”, declares College of Medicine (COM) Dean Dr. Joselito F. Villaruz. Facing the awardees he continued, “The years you have worked here have been marked by unsurpassed efficiency and excellence. You have all been an inspiration to us all and today we recognize you for it”.

Special Assistant to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Mr. Nicanor Jesus Perlas, III held a captivating talk on The New Science and the Reality of Spirit. According to him, the reality of spirituality is presently coming back, not necessarily on the basis of faith, but on the basis of scientific knowledge. “We have four profound and unprecedented challenges that is facing humanity today. These are ecological, spiritual, societal, and survival”. He goes on to discuss the fact that universities should not only focus on the development of a person’s intelligent quotient (IQ), but must likewise give way to the progress of one’s creativity and emotional quotient (EQ).  “All of man’s accomplishments are based on materialism since the mind has always been existing as the matrix of physical reality. That is why you cannot control your actions, reactions, and thoughts then blame them to genetics. Rather it is your thoughts which affect genetic expression”. In the end, he posted a challenge to the university, “Science is the handmaiden of spirituality. They are not enemies. Science should be seen as proof that there’s more to our existence than egotism, consumerism, and materialism”.

Part II of the convocation began with Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr.  giving his State of the University Address (SOUA). “I am standing before you today humbled by the passion and dedication you all put into your work. This is why West Visayas State University is constantly soaring high towards academic adventure. The journey however, does not stop. And so my dear colleagues, let us see where we are now, what we have accomplished, and what else we have to do, so that we will see better the direction where we are heading and the action we must take in the light of the ever  changing social environment characterized by the rapidly accelerating technological change”.