Professor Ricky G. Abaleña III of the College of Communication (COC) is beaming with pride and joy after his landslide win during the 30th Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACUP) Annual National Conference held on February 15-17, 2017 at Century Park Hotel, Malate, Manila. It was his second time to be elected to the AACCUP’s Board of Trustees, having served the Board from 2015-2017, and will continue to do so for 2017-2019. During the conference, he also received the Quality Service Award, an award automatically given to outgoing members of the BOT, as well as the Excellence Service Award for his active and exemplary role as an accreditor.

The former COC Division Chair and Graduate School Coordinator amassed a total of 18 points against his opponent’s four points in an election where 22 State Universities and Colleges (SUC) Presidents out of the 25 participated in. “It is an honor to be voted again because it signifies the trust and confidence of my fellow AACCUP accreditors, and more importantly the respect of the SUC Presidents who were the ones who voted for me”.

As recipient of the Excellence Service Award, Prof. Abaleña said that it is given to an accreditor who has (1) an impressive number of accreditation visits and role (e.g. Overall Coordinator, Team Leader, or Lead Accreditor), (2) should have a participation and role in AACUP Training (e.g. Training Director, Lecturer, Management Committee, Facilitator, or Participant) , (3) should participate in AACUP conferences, (4) must have research presentations sponsored by AACUP either of national or international level, and (5) should have an active participation in Accreditation Instrument Development (Developer, Reviewer, or Validator).


“Receiving the Excellence Service Award  is a clear indication that I’ve always represented with pride, the College of Communication and the West Visayas State University in the national and international arena,” expressed Prof. Abaleña, “I am also happy to continue the legacies of WVSU accreditors ahead of me who were also achievers. They were my mentors to begin with”.


Even with this additional responsibility on his shoulders, Prof. Abaleña remains unyielding and is already gearing up for action. “I am looking forward to work continuously for the professionalization of AACCUP accreditors and be able to actively take part in AACCUP’s efforts on internalization. Moreover, I wish to further strengthen the record of WVSU as a highly respected institution in the country in the field of quality assurance