As an arm of the President’s Office, the Center is manned by the director who directly supervises the International Linkages, Public Information, and Data Source divisions.

The Center serves as a hub for international linkages and information needs of the university as it relates to high profile guests, media, government agencies, and the general public.  Aimed at building a good reputation for the university, it performs to manage or coordinate related events, provide hospitality services, and deliver ease of data access in coordination with the President’s Office, Vice Presidents’ Office, the Board Secretary’s Office, Management Information System, Registrar’s Office, Finance Division, Student Affairs, Colleges, and other units.



The Center serves to supervise and implement all public information dissemination and international relation activities in the university.  It has the following specific functions:

For coordinating international affairs,

  • advise/assist on implementation of international relations strategies;
  • conduct, foster, manage, and monitor international negotiations and agreements as they relate to the university;
  • coordinate with individuals/offices/centers/organizations in the university on diplomatic and consular relations; and
  • promote and foster international linkages, memberships, academic collaboration, scholarships, student and faculty mobility, and services to the international community.

For public information,

  • act as liaison of the university to the public; and
  • advise/assist on public information matters as it relates to the university.

For its data collection and systematic storage

  • act as a centralized repository of both physical or virtual, for the storage, management, and dissemination of data and information.
  • in charge if publications such as the Timeline, the University Viewbooks, etc.

For more info please contact,

  • Tel. no. 320-0870 loc. 1141
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