West Visayas State University

West Visayas State University Partners with WeatherBug for Enhanced Weather Reporting of Live, Neighborhood-Level Weather Conditions for Iloilo City

WVSU, La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines —WeatherBug®, the leading provider of consumer and professional weather services and operator of the largest weather observing network has donated a weather station to WVSU to provide live streaming weather information for Iloilo City.

Dr. Irene Abaygar, faculty of the Biology Department came to know about WeatherBug when she first saw a weather station installed in a school campus during her visit to the United States.  The weather stations are sold commercially and those deployed in private and public schools were funded by the US government.  Dr. Abaygar was aware that WVSU has limited funds to afford the purchase of such equipment.  Being optimistic, she took the initiative to offer a partnership with WeatherBug for an international project with WVSU to be the site of the first-ever WeatherBug weather station in the Philippines.   The hosting agreement was signed by Dr. Pablo Subong, Jr. For WVSU and Timothy H. Hyatt for WeatherBug on May 6, 2010.

Through the WeatherBug Schools Program, professional weather stations are installed at schools and other locations to collect data for incorporation into math, science and geography lessons in addition to providing information for making transportation and safety-related decisions. WeatherBug supplies streaming weather information from the worldwide WeatherBug Network of over 8,000 weather stations for live conditions and severe weather coverage.

“Weather can vary drastically within a few kilometers, the live, local data is necessary for ground-truth information in particular when preparing for severe weather. We welcome this partnership with WeatherBug and thank them for giving WVSU the opportunity to serve the residents of Iloilo City with the most accurate weather information available," said Dr. Pablo Subong, Jr. President of WVSU.


 WeatherBug Weather Station Components
  The WVSU WeatherBug station is installed at the rooftop of the IICT Building.
About WeatherBug
WeatherBug (http://www.weatherbug.com and http://www.weatherbugprofessional.com) precisely monitors, organizes and disseminates global weather information. As a trusted source for live, local dynamic data, WeatherBug empowers society with weather intelligence for making more informed decisions. Millions of consumers and professional organizations, including the National Weather Service, rely on WeatherBug to plan daily activities, safeguard lives and improve business operations. WeatherBug is a brand of AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. (http://www.aws.com

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