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Established in 1902, West Visayas State University (WVSU) started out as Iloilo Normal School.

It was a tributary normal school providing basic and secondary education as well as a training department for teachers.

By virtue of Republic Act No. 4189 in 1965, Iloilo Normal School became West Visayas State College. Courses aside from the earlier established teacher training programs were added. By the year 1986, through Presidential Decree 2019, it became West Visayas  State University.

WVSU Today

College of Medicine

The College of Education - Graduate School and Institute of Information and Communications Technology undergo survey visits from the AACCUP Accreditors for their respective courses. The visit starts from September 3 and the closing program will be held on September 5.


Latest Request:

Expression of Interest - Consultancy Services for the Complete Engineering Plans
ITB No 14-11-24 - Repair and Renovation of WVSU Admin Bldg
ITB No 14-11-24 - Repair and Renovation of WVSU Admin Bldg Supplemental Bid Bulletin
ITB No 14-11-25 - Construction of Clonal Nursery
ITB No 14-11-25 - Construction of Clonal Nursery Supplemental Bid Bulletin
ITB No 14-11-26 - Procurement of Branded Desktop Computer - IICT
ITB No 14-11-27 - Procurement of IT and AV Equipment
ITB No 14-11-28 - Procurement of IT and AV Equipment for HIMEX
ITB No 14-11-29 - Procurement of Medical Training Models
ITB No. 14-11-22 - 2nd Hand Offset Machine - UPHB
ITB No. 14-11-23 - Procurement of Additional VOIP Phones
ITB No. 14-08-18 Various Repairs and Improvement of Bldg
ITB No. 14-09-19 Various Fixtures(Re-bid)
ITB No. 14-09-20 Upgrading of IT Infrastructure
ITB No. 14-09-21 Establishment of LAN and WAN
ITB No. 14-07-16 Various ACU & Gen Set (2 lots)
ITB No. 14-07-17 Various Fixtures & Equipment (2 lots)
ITB No. 14-06-12 Security Services
ITB No. 14-06-13 Various Equipment (2 lots)
ITB No. 14-06-14 Termite Treatment
ITB No. 14-06-15 Completion of Nursing Building
ITB No. 14-02-01 Various Equipment (2 Lots)
ITB No. 14-02-02 Various Equipment (2 lots) Copiers & Office Equipment
ITB No. 14-03-03 Various Furniture & Fixtures
ITB No. 14-03-04 Termite Treatment
ITB No. 14-03-05 Various Lab. Apparatuses, Chemicals & Equipment
ITB No. 14-04-06_Termite Treatment
ITB No. 14-04-07 Various Copiers (Rebidding)
ITB No. 14-04-08 Various Lab. Apparatuses, Chemicals & Equipment (Rebidding)
ITB No. 14-04-09 Major Repairs of Buildings
ITB No. 14-05-10 Patient Care Simulators
ITB No. 14-05-11 Various Equipment (1 lot)

List of Request for Quotation and Procurement Documents


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How to Apply in Graduate School

Follow Us
  • Pay P300.00 for Application Forms Fee and Admission Fee at the Cashier’s Office
  • Secure the application form from the COE Graduate School Office
  • Accomplish application form
  • Submit accomplished application form and the following:

A. Three (3) letters of recommendation from former professors and/or immediate supervisor (you may use the recommendation forms given to you)

B. Undergraduate Transcript of Records (if applicable, Post – Baccalaureate and Graduate Transcript of Records) (1 original and 1 certified true copy)

C. One (1) certified true copy of marriage contract (for married female only)

D. Certificate of Honorable Dismissal/Certificate of Transfer Credentials from the latest school attended (upon enrolment) outside WVSU

E. Permit to study ( if employed [Public/ Private]) ( upon enrolment)

F. Certificate of English Language Proficiency for foreign students from countries where English is not the medium of instruction

G. One (1) long white folder

H. 2 pcs. (2x2) ID pictures

  • Read the COE Graduate School bulletin boards/ call the COE Graduate School Office for List of Qualified Applicants for Admission Test and Interview
  • Take Admission Test and report for Interview on specified date.  Admission  Fee Receipt will be required.

Revised: June 2010


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